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Welcome to the Talk West Podcast from Walk West; the fastest growing agency in North Carolina that made the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies 2 years in a row!

Talk West is dedicated to your personal growth and the success of your business. We’ll share conversations with smart sales and marketing thought leaders, exchanges between the executive team at Walk West, and we’ll post discussions among people who will inspire you to grow professionally.

Apr 9, 2020

In this week’s episode of Talk West, Chris and Mike are joined by Lizzie Newton, senior content strategist at Walk West, to discuss the advertising trends we’ve noticed during quarantine including ads from Cadillac, Budweiser, and Carvana. Plus, Chris sat down with Abha Bowers, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, to discuss what she brings to the table at Walk West.

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Talk West is hosted by Chris Bunn and Mike Manganillo and is a production of Earfluence.